Day Training at the DAC

Who is Eligible?

Our program serves individuals who have differing abilities. Referrals may be made by appropriate social or medical agencies. A pre-admission meeting will then be held to determine appropriateness of placement in the DAC.


What Training is Available?

In order to help each adult attain his/her highest level of ability, individualized programs focus on the following areas:

Vocational Training: Paid work opportunities through contract work and community enclaves. Training in job seeking and resume development is provided as needed.

Community Integration: Includes restaurant skills, public transportation training, and appropriate use of community facilities such as the community center and senior center.

Sensory Integration: Integration of all the senses through the use of different stimuli.

Recreation/Leisure: Training in basic life skills.


Philosophy Statement

To accomplish the mission of the Becker County DAC, we share the following values.

  1. All people should have the opportunity to work productively.
  2. All people have the right to warm and private environments.
  3. All people have the right to use age-appropriate community resources for leisure, business, personal assistance, education and meaningful employment.
  4. All people need the opportunity to risk even if it means failure.
  5. All people need the chance to try again after they have failed.
  6. All people should have the opportunity to attain their highest potential.


Paid Employment Opportunities

Individual Employment: Training and follow-up services provided at the place of business as needed.

Contracted Services: Work completed at the DAC facility.

Enclaves/Work Crews: Provides work crew with trainer to complete various job tasks in a community setting.